MOWO – Mobile Worker Management

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Enable mobile teams to work effectively from any location. Integrate with HR systems and cloud workflows to automate and manage mobile workforce.
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Product Description

What is MOWO?

MOWO is a workforce management application which enables mobile teams to work effectively from any location. Equal parts desktop management console and mobile application – MOWO keeps managers connected to their mobile workers and much more.

Key Benefits

  • Increase visibility on mobile workers
  • Save on costs associated with inefficient job assignment and reporting
  • Enjoy enhanced productivity from managers and field teams
  • Integrate with payroll, CRM, calendar, and more

MOWO Management Console

The MOWO management console allows managers and dispatchers direct access to their mobile teams from any modern web browser. Key features include:

  • Real time tracking of staff – visualize team member locations
  • Assign jobs on the fly – select a team member and create a job, complete with job critical information, address, and contact information
  • Receive instant job reports – field workers can submit summaries and reports on-site
  • Location history – view a worker’s travel logs for the day

MOWO Mobile Application

With the MOWO mobile application, mobile team members stay connected to managers and dispatchers while receiving instant updates to job assignments on their mobile devices. Key features include:

  • Job management – workers receive instant job information directly on their mobile devices
  • Directions – directions to job locations automatically available with Google Maps integration
  • Submit job reports and notes – workers can complete jobs and submit records and reports from anywhere
  • Alerts – workers receive alerts when new jobs are assigned
  • Privacy – limit location visibility to hours of operation only

Business Value

MOWO is helping to improve team performance across industries. Most companies today have staff and teams that operate outside of the office, in the field. MOWO at its heart embraces mobile technology to bring together teams of all sizes and types. It is simple to use, secure and customisable. Sample industries benefiting from MOWO include:

  • Sales
  • Maintenance
  • Delivery
  • Insurance Inspection
  • Attendance
  • Security
  • Manufacturing
  • Travel Expense Management


Extend MOWO to connect directly to calendars and CRM systems. Expand MOWO functionality with add-on features including photo capture, file upload, and distance tracking.